Project: FULL OUT?


Project: FULL OUT is an artistic organization that provides performance opportunities for aspiring dancers. We focus on empowering individuals through dance while highlighting the transformation that occurs physically, mentally and spiritually. Project: FULL OUT thrives on the campaign, “Push For Opportunities". We push for opportunities to dance, to stay fit and to motivate. 


The mission of Project: FULL OUT is to provide performance opportunities that encourage freedom of expression and promotes the therapeutic benefits of dance. 



Who we are...


We’re a team of creatives and motivators that work with non traditional, recreational

and aspiring dancers to help them push beyond their financial limitations and access

resources that might seem unattainable.


We give our all and go "Full Out" with every initiative! 


We're a team of believers that know, anytime you give something or someone your best, you automatically receive the blessings that are specifically meant for you. Whether its a favorable result, a life lesson or a seed of hope deposited into someone else….it was worth it.

about us

How we do it...

[motivate & lead] 

We service this unique group by providing them a creative outlet, performance opportunities, and financial resources needed to train. We produce performance showcases that serve as a fundraisers for our scholarship fund and outreach programs. 


By aligning each showcase with our fundraising initiative, we literally and figuratively

create a platform that spreads awareness for resources needed to enrich

our communities and promote better living. 


PFO Showcases are produced seasonally and are fully funded through

donations and concert ticket sales. 

Dancers interested in performing in our showcases must commit to 6 to 8 weeks of training / rehearsals 


What does it mean


[go for it!] 

It is at this mental point where the mind, body and spirit reveals your capacity as a person. 


To be "Full Out" is a term that means; give it your all, give it your best, push the envelope, and test your limits. At PFO We encourage individuals to be “Full Out” in everything they do from the pursuit of their dreams to how they influence and help others in need.

Project: FULL OUT is where creatives leave it all on the stage & put their outreach skills to work. Going FULL OUT! 

Be a game changer. Be the light. SHINE!  


T: 877.377.6742  

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© 2014 by Non Profit Founder Ana Ogbueze. Project: FULL OUT is a 501c3. All donations are tax-exempt.  

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