Project: FULL OUT?

Project: FULL OUT is a six to eight-week training program that culminates in a live dance concert featuring performances from aspiring, professional, and recreational dancers specifically located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Project: FULL OUT, better known as PFO, was created by Producer, Director, and Choreographer Ana Ogbueze, in an effort to change the narrative about what makes a person a "real" dancer. The program not only creates an irresistible performance platform but also mentally challenges, coaches, and celebrates dancers from all walks of life as they pursue their dance dreams. The spirit of this event even makes an invaluable impression on it's viewers. 
Project: FULL OUT thrives on the campaign, “Push For Opportunities". We push for opportunities to create, to train, and to live out our dreams.
PFO's mission is to provide training & performance opportunities that diversify the dance industry while promoting the therapeutic benefits of dance.
Ana Ogbueze - produces PFO semi-annually and casts over 100 dancers each season. 



"And in order to create space for the Charlotte dance community, you have to first  believe you can and then remind yourself daily why you started. I first believed in a platform that could create visibility for local talent, enriching career resources, & community. I started PFO because there was a void for dancers in Charlotte and somebody had to fill it." -AO

"The best part about PFO is witnessing how it

empowers dancers to push through obstacles physically, mentally and spiritually." 

What's the secret sauce?...

[iNtention & beliefe] 

By no means does Ana produce this work alone. Of course the dancers are a huge part, but it's her team of believers that help make the magic happen. Ana and the team believe that anytime you are intentional about giving something or someone your best, you automatically receive the blessings that are specifically meant for you. Whether its a favorable result, a life lesson or a seed of hope deposited into someone else….

it was worth it. 

What does it mean


[go for it!] 

It is a special moment where the mind, body and spirit reveals your capacity as a person. 


To be "Full Out" is a term that means; give it your all, give it your best, push the envelope, and test your limits. At PFO we encourage individuals to be “Full Out” in everything they do from the pursuit of their dreams to how they influence and help others succeed.



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Project: FULL OUT is a training program & live dance event created by Producer, Director & Choreographer Ana Ogbueze.  

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